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Lowara Premium Pumps

Lowara DOC Series Submersible Pumps from McFarlane Plumbing
Smart Pump Range (e-SVE/e-HME Smart Pumps)
Lowara e-SV pump from McFarlane Plumbing
APT Pressure Tank from McFarlane Plumbing

Lowara Premium Pumps

Lowara has built an impeccable reputation for providing products that are efficient and reliable, not only in Melbourne, but around the world. Lowara offer a complete range of energy efficient pumps, systems and accessories used for applications as diverse as irrigation, building service, commercial and residential markets.

  • Booster Pump Sets,
  • Borehole Pumps,
  • Household Pumps,
  • Drainage, Dewatering and Sewage Pumps,
  • Heating, Air Conditioning and Hot Water Circulation Pumps,
  • Single and Multistage Pumps,
  • Pump Accessories,
  • Variable Speed Controls and Smart Pumping systems

McFarlane Plumbing supply, stock and service a variety of Lowara pressure pumps for domestic and commercial applications. If you are unable to find the Lowara pump you are searching for please contact us on 0427 522 182.